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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Sales Pitch

Every training has a down side. I expected a motivation outlook to much of the weekend and for my back to hurt from the seating. I got what I expected. I was blown away by the blatant attempt to force feed us the Cash Flow Pro. This is what they used to call Web Partners, their web site design group. This had been expanded to add management tools. It is a lot of small pieces anchored in the web site development.
Like any sales pitch, the product was rolled out and showed off. You have to have it right? They they got to the price. The Total for all the piece if sold separately is over $10,000. But if you got it at the training you could have it for $3995, the same price as the course. That is the listed cost of the web site tool, they are giving you the rest of the stuff.
Part of the promo on this was how much you will spend on a web site. Of course they used from their experience several years ago in two of the most expensive parts of the country. What got me mad was how bad the sites are.
The pitch was on Saturday afternoon and purchase at lunch on Sun. I went back to the hotel and did some checking. The sites do not validate both CSS and HTML. Not the main site(ACFC) or the "banner ad" site that were built by them. Only one site validated CSS and none HTML. They are all the bland business site with no personality.
Part of the deal is site submission to seach engines. In one case, goggling their business name did not bring them up until the middle of the 2nd page. The instructor pushing this was very excited about his web site that was build through this program. But a search on google or yahoo does not bring up his site. Not acceptable for that money.
I only think a few people signed up and I hope the rest of the tools are work the cost.


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