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Friday, July 04, 2008

Out of the Cash Flow Business

The last post was after my office flood and I was starting as an Arbonne Consultant. The idea at that time was to rebuild my cash flow business. I did replace my materials and look into a auditing the training class. But it seems that the American Cash Flow Association has changed focus. They changed their journal from industry specific to more general. I haven't seen any of their infomercials in a long time. When my membership came up for renewal, I didn't get a reminder. So as of this time, I am no long in the cash flow business. I let my domain name expire and packed away the materials.

My tax business has expanded and I am keeping busy without a sideline business.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

New Business

Just a quick post and links. I have started acting as a consultant for Arbonne and have my web site and blog for that up and running. Both explain the hows and whys, so I am not going to duplicate it here. Please check out:
My Arbonne Web Site
My Blog - "What Me, Beaytu?"

Monday, July 17, 2006

Missing in Action

The last post I did proclaimed that I was back and ready to start back up after tax season.

Then disaster struck. Part of the office roof blew off and I had water damage over and around my desks and bookcases. Taking a big hit was my cash flow materials. So between the loss of materials and dealing with the mess, I have not been able to do much. The disaster also made me rethink continuing in cash flow. I have worked a lot of deals that never went through and learned a bunch in the process, but I didn't really have a focus. By seriously questioning if I wanted to continue, I figured out what I am going to do. I am going to replace the reference manual, Who's Who and the letterhead to start. Next, I will catch up on my reading and focus on the local market for notes and factoring. What I do best is face to face contact so I will work on that. It will not be as lucrative as going national but I think this will work better for ma.

Friday, March 31, 2006

I'm Back

Tax season is almost over so my thoughts have been on bring Cash Flow back to the front. I just reviewed my Google Adwords and will do the same for Yahoo. But right now I think I will keep that one inactive. It is so expensive and I have got so much junk. I have 3 CFJs to catch up and I am hoping to make this month's Chapter meeting on Sunday. Goal is to pay back my investment.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Closed a deal!!

I finally closed a deal. The check came in the mail. My commission was reduced once to keep the deal going and most of what I received was eaten by my share of the cost. But I did get a check. Now for the next deal

Sunday, November 27, 2005


I have been bad about doing an update on what I am doing, cash flow wise,

I am finishing up what may be my first deal. There are two others I have to check on. This one is a business note and the sellers have accepted the offer and have just a few supporting documents left to get. If it is completed, and I am not spending any money until I see the check, it will be enough to pay for what I have spent on training and marketing.

With tax season fast approaching, I will be shifting focus. What I will do is to have some ideas ready to go in March. I am planning on keeping the adwords up just in case.


Just a few words on the South Central Kansas ACF Chapter's seminar last month. It was worth the time to go. Steve Gouldsmith did a great presentation.
The most important thing for me was knowing that I am not the only one planning on making money in the field that does not worship AFCA. While they are a decent organization, this "easy way to make money" pitch need to go. It hurts the credibity of the consultants.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Now is the hard part of the Expoventure. As much work the planning, set up, and day were, the hard part if following up on the business card and other leads. I have the letterhead and the letter is written. Now I just have to print out the letters and stuff them with business cards and the flyers. That is for the people who stopped by the booth. The next step is the other cards I picked up. And the business brokers I keep getting mailings from.