Adventures In Cash Flow

Where this entrepreneur explores the world of cash flow and her attempts to make money in it.

Sunday, November 27, 2005


I have been bad about doing an update on what I am doing, cash flow wise,

I am finishing up what may be my first deal. There are two others I have to check on. This one is a business note and the sellers have accepted the offer and have just a few supporting documents left to get. If it is completed, and I am not spending any money until I see the check, it will be enough to pay for what I have spent on training and marketing.

With tax season fast approaching, I will be shifting focus. What I will do is to have some ideas ready to go in March. I am planning on keeping the adwords up just in case.


Just a few words on the South Central Kansas ACF Chapter's seminar last month. It was worth the time to go. Steve Gouldsmith did a great presentation.
The most important thing for me was knowing that I am not the only one planning on making money in the field that does not worship AFCA. While they are a decent organization, this "easy way to make money" pitch need to go. It hurts the credibity of the consultants.