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Monday, June 06, 2005

The workshop

Next step is attending the free workshop. Not a problem to get away, but before I go I hit the internet and find ACFI's web site. I almost change my plans. The web site is professional looking and very straight forward. One of the things it tells you is how much the course costs. WOW! I almost back out. There is no way I am going to spend that much money. But I go anyway, don't ask me why.
Fancy hotel and three handsome men at the sign in desk. But you can't go in yet. The course materials are on display and they must weigh 25 lbs. Finally, we are allowed in and the show begins. The speaker is P. attending he is another good looking man (in fact, they all fit the same general discription except for hair color).
The presentation is the usual mix of facts, motivation, and disclaimer and at the end the payment options are outlined. You are buying a three day, 25+ hour seminar to be given in a little over a week (and the 25# of materials). I am interested but unlike many of the other participants, I want time to think and see if I can come up with the money. I do find out that this procedure is repeated every 3 months, but "Trish, don't delay your future to long."
I leave


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