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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Class

I survived and I plan on doing Cash Flow.
My intention had been to blog every evening after class but I didn't get it done. If this post gets too long, I will split it into several posts so you may have to read out of order.
The class was taught at the Doubletree Hotel in Olatha/Lenexa/KC. There were about 30 people in the class, the two instructors, and the site coordinator. Tina was the one who gave out the materials, dealt with the hotel.. very nice lady. The two instructors were Kerry Lucus who did everything but the factoring info. Factoring was handled by Ernie Brown. Ernie was a big man from the Boston area and was raised in my father's home town of Medford MA. We had a nice visit about that. Kerry's main area is RE notes and that type of thing. He was also the cheerleader for CF and handled the setting up a business stuff.
The other participants were all very different. At the end, we exchanged e-mail address so we can keep in touch. We also got a presentation from the KC chapter of ACFA consultants. Their meeting is when I will be in KC for a tax workshop so I may go. As I understand it, they are trying to get a chapter going in Wichita.
I left with brain overload. The class was organized and well presented. They could not have put any more info in those three days. What I got was the basics of the two main ways deals happen. The specifics are in the materials I left with.


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