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Monday, June 06, 2005


Now the fun begins!
Before I looked at the materials A. gave me, I started checking out ACFI and the cash flow/note/factoring industries on the internet. Actually, A. mentioned one problem I might find. A cease order that had been rescinded.
It seems that a lot of cash flow players are interconnected. The "association" that will be certifying me at the end of the course, is part of the same organization that is teaching, and offers the "trade" journal and annual convention. They were all created by a man who was involved with a previous cash flow company and ran into a little trouble with that company. He is not listed as a part of ACFI/A/C. Their web site and the materials given to me list a bunch a possible instructors. All are acting in this industry and only teach part time "since the have successful businesses of their own". I expect that a lot of the companies owned by these guys will end up as funding sources.
Quick fact, all of the possible instructors are male. There is a little bit of a boy's club going on. There are women but they are doing the calls and set up.
Speaking of calls, I got a call the day after the workshop thanking me for attending and "I could still enroll". It seems since I did not sign up right after the workshop I attended, I got put in "no" pile and A did not pull my registration out when I did sign up. That and my "student coordinator" can't get my phone number right to return my call makes me wonder how organized this weekend will be.


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